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Talk Like a Pirate Day 2019

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talk like a pirate day 2019

Today is the day! Talk Like a Pirate Day 2019 has finally arrived. To celebrate, The Red Flag ebook will be free until tomorrow, Friday the 20th. Now is also the perfect time to get the audiobook, free with a trial of Audible. Find a sample below!

How to Get the Book

When it comes to getting The Red Flag, you have some options. There is one way to get the free ebook and two ways to get an audiobook. Whichever option you choose, you’ll be able to take advantage of the WhisperSync feature. This will synchronize your progress between the ebook and audiobook, letting you seamlessly swap between them.

Here’s how to get your copies:

  • Ebook: Over at Amazon, you’ll find the book’s price has been reduced to $0.00. Just add it to your cart and checkout like normal. It’ll be yours to keep forever just as if you had bought it! Also, you can read it on any device, download it, and even lend it to others.
  • Audiobook: Head on over to Audible and sign up for a free trial of Premium Plus. You’ll be able to claim the audiobook and keep it forever, even after your trial ends. Additionally, you’ll have unlimited access to thousands of other audiobooks! Whether to continue your membership or not is completely your choice.
  • Audiobook: Conversely, you can buy the audiobook with a one-time purchase on Amazon. You’ll be able to access it at any time in your digital library from any device.

Listen to a Sample!

The talented Thomas Cardwell has narrated the audiobook. He effectively brings each of the characters to life. This is a listen you do not want to miss! So, check out the sample below.

(If the above video player does not work, click here to go to YouTube)

Have a Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day 2019!

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