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About Julia Maiola

Julia Maiola is a Digital Marketing Specialist from Rochester, New York. She received her Bachelor’s in English at the end of 2018 and will continue to develop her writing. The Red Flag is her first novel, the first of many to come. She is currently writing a science fiction title and planning a historical fiction one. When Julia is not writing, she is gaming and skateboarding, but she spends most of her spare time reading adventure novels.

I thought Julia Maiola was a professional ice cream scooper?

Although that is a title she’s been proud of having, Julia has indeed changed her career path and begun her journey into digital marketing. Now she creates and edits content for websites. But don’t worry, she still eats ice cream nearly every day.

She is working on science fiction and historical romance?

Yes! She always has new ideas and had planned to branch out once she finished The Red Flag. The plan is now in motion!