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Portals connect our world to theirs. They survive because of our resources, our goods, our technology. We never knew they were there.

Release date TBD.

FAQ about this Upcoming Science Fiction Book

How much progress have you made with this book?

I have sent the most recent draft to my team of readers who will give me feedback and help with the revision process. Together we will work towards a final draft ready for publication. It’s still early, but the final stretch of this project is approaching. Finally I can start thinking of a title!

Where did you get the idea for this science fiction book?

No joke, I got the idea from a dream. This is has never happened to me before. The dream was an entire sequence, like a scene from out of a movie, except the rest of the movie was missing so the scene didn’t make sense. It was so vivid. I wrote down every detail as soon as I woke up. I thought about it a lot and it eventually grew into the science fiction book idea that it is now. The scene I dreamed does make it into the novel, just with a few differences.

Will it have a sequel?

Definitely. Don’t worry, this story will be complete. But I feel that there will be a lot more room to continue the adventure. I have a general plot in my head and plenty of notes down on paper already.

Who will the main character(s) be?

I can’t get into too much detail yet, but the protagonist will be an eighteen year old girl with a strong voice. There will be three supporting characters and one main antagonist.

How long will it be?

It will be around the same length as The Red Flag. It could possibly be shorter or longer, but I won’t know until I complete the first draft. My goal is for it to be at least 60,000 words. The Red Flag is 64,000.

What do you hope readers will learn from this science fiction book?

My main goal is to show readers that there is always two sides to a conflict. Does that mean one side can’t be wrong and one will always be right? I can’t say. But hopefully this book will raise some questions and give readers a new perspective, whatever that might be.

Last updated February 2020

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