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I am excited to announce that The Red Flag book is now in production for an audiobook and will be narrated by the talented Thomas Cardwell!

About Tom

Tom is the perfect narrator, having captured the tone of the book. He has also successfully and wonderfully brought each of the characters to life. It’s been surreal to hear Captain Boswell’s voice out loud just as I have in my head, and I hope all of you will feel the same. When I listened to his audition, I knew he was the one immediately. To learn more about Tom, visit his website at

About the Audiobook

The audiobook has officially entered production today which means Tom has just begun to record it.  Aside from Tom recording it, I will also have to go through it for review quality checks. While there is no exact release date yet, we should complete it in about a month. Quality is a priority, and so we’re going to take our time and ensure perfection in order to create the best audiobook possible.

The Red Flag Book Updates

I will, of course, keep you all updated as necessary. Once we have completed the audiobook, it will be available on Audible for a fixed price or for free with a trial of Audible’s subscription service. For now, spread the word, and join me in welcoming Tom aboard!

Update: You can now find a sample of the audiobook on The Red Flag book page. Listen to the first five minutes of the audiobook for free. Then, start your trial of Audible and get access to the whole book, yours to keep forever. If you own a Kindle edition already, you can sync your progress so you can seamlessly swap between versions without missing a word. This is a journey you do not want to miss.

Find the completed audiobook on Audible.

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